Cabio Biotech: Empowering Life Nutrition and Health with Innovative Products

Established in Wuhan, Hubei in 2004, Cabio Biotech (Wuhan) Co., Ltd. is a high-tech company based on biotechnology and also the first company listed on the Sci-Tech Innovation Board (stock code: 688089) in Hubei Province. After nearly 20 years of development, Cabio has grown into one of the world's leading biotechnology companies, providing high-quality products and innovative solutions to customers and promoting the progress of life nutrition and health. Cabio is committed to "becoming a globally leading

Established in Wuhan, Hubei in 2004, Cabio Biotech (Wuhan) Co., Ltd. is a high-tech company based on biotechnology and also the first company listed on the Sci-Tech Innovation Board (stock code: 688089) in Hubei Province. After nearly 20 years of development, Cabio has grown into one of the world's leading biotechnology companies, providing high-quality products and innovative solutions to customers and promoting the progress of life nutrition and health. Cabio is committed to "becoming a globally leading biotechnology company that empowers life nutrition and health" as its mission with a focus on technological innovation to create long-term value for customers, employees, shareholders and other stakeholders.

Corporate Values and Innovation Spirit

Cabio regards "commercial integrity" as the cornerstone of the company's sustained operations. The company is committed to the business principles of fair competition and integrity, while also attaching great importance to balancing social responsibility and environmental protection when pursuing business objectives. In addition, Cabio also attaches great importance to its relationship with partners, sharing resources and capabilities through joint development to build a healthy industrial ecosystem and create value for global customers and partners. In terms of talent concepts, Cabio adopts an open strategy, welcomes talent from different countries and regions, different industries, and different backgrounds to integrate global resources and build an open platform for business and talent development. At the technical level, Cabio regards innovation as the "lifeline" of the company's development and progress, adheres to technological innovation and basic research, and continues to explore various possibilities in the biotechnology field.

Overview of Innovative Products

In the human nutrition field, Cabio is committed to becoming the world's leading supplier of infant formula supply chains, not only with first-class food safety standards, but also expanding its business scope to functional foods and foods for special medical purposes (FSMPs). In the animal nutrition field, Cabio focuses on providing scientifically balanced feed grade fatty acid solutions for pets and animal husbandry. In the field of personal care, Cabio uses a variety of cutting-edge technologies to develop innovative cosmetic functional materials and holistic solutions for customers. In the field of synthetic biology, Cabio has built a precision gene editing and assembly platform, as well as multiple high-throughput strain screening platforms. These innovative products provide powerful momentum for Cabio's sustainable development.

The Driving Force of Technology and Innovation

Cabio has 18,000 square meters of experimental facilities and nearly 2,000 square meters of laboratories, investing more than 85 million RMB in advanced equipment. Through cooperation with scientific research institutes, Cabio has established a systematic technical platform, won many science and technology awards, and has become a leader in industry technological innovation. Cabio has also set up a cohesive R&D team to achieve interdisciplinary integration across multiple disciplines to support the company's technological development and product innovation. It is the "dual drive" of technology and innovation that enables Cabio to be at the forefront of the industry.


After nearly 20 years of development, Cabio has grown into one of the leaders in the global biotechnology industry. The company continues to create greater value for customers and society through technological and product innovation, and has also gained recognition from the capital market in the financial market, becoming the first company in Hubei Province to land on the Sci-Tech Innovation Board. In the new stage of development, Cabio will continue to adhere to technological innovation, make full use of the infinite possibilities of biotechnology, and make new and greater contributions to the development of human health and life sciences.

frequently asked questions

Q1: What are some of Cabio's key innovative products in the field of human nutrition?

A1: Cabio's innovative products in human nutrition include core offerings for the infant formula supply chain with first-class food safety. They also have functional foods and foods for special medical purposes (FSMPs) meeting evolving consumer needs through innovation.

Q2: How does Cabio leverage innovation in developing personal care offerings?

A2: Cabio develops innovative functional materials and holistic application solutions for personal care customers by employing cutting-edge biotech approaches including ion beams, microbial cultivation engineering and fermentation platforms through persistent technology innovation focus.

Q3: What is the gene editing and assembly platform that Cabio has built using synthetic biology innovations?

A3: Cabio has created an advanced synthetic biology innovations platform encompassing precise gene editing, multi-gene fragment co-expression and yeast genome shuffling capabilities along with high-throughput strain selections promising new productive biomanufacturing possibilities.

Q4: How critical is an open approach regarding talent and partnerships for Cabio's innovation capabilities augmentations?

A4: By welcoming diverse expertise spanning countries, disciplines and encouraging resources blending through win-win partnerships, Cabio's open innovation strategy fosters in-house capabilities stepping-up novel products development sustaining pipelines by leveraging networked strengths.

Q5: How does Cabio view intellectual property protections importance concerning its innovative products?

A5: Cabio greatly values its assorted patents ownership secured through consistent innovative products developments investments which not only bestow legal safeguards but also attest accumulated proprietary knowledge reinforcing leadership credentials boosting customer trust and market capitalization actualizing lasting growth.

Q6: What innovative animal nutrition products does Cabio focus on currently?

A6: Adapting its human nutrition expertise, Cabio creates scientifically balanced fatty acid feed solutions optimizing nutritional availability fulfilling precise pet and livestock needs through innovation as growth in such premium supplements outpaces traditional segments benefiting customer relationships and revenue expansions promising increased market shares.

Q7: Why does Cabio believe focusing on commercial integrity aids its innovative products trustworthiness and brand image?

A7: By elevating business transparency and executive accountability as principal priorities, Cabio strengthens corporate credibility committing to ethical innovations gaining customer and public approvals boosting innovative products acceptance sustainably allowing premium value realizations respecting investments of stakeholders in this long-term venture.

Q8: How does Cabio aim to become the innovative products leader in infant formula domain?

A8: Through unrelenting quality, safety, variety and affordability innovations meeting highest certifications, Cabio strives becoming the prominent infant formula supplier via customer-centric technologies upgrades while accelerating business integrations to aid faster time-to-market goals gaining approvals and trust continually outcompeting traditional offerings.

Q9: What role does the synthetic biology platform play in Cabio's new innovative products development?

A9: The integrated gene editing, rapid screening and strains engineering platform fuels Cabio's synthetic biology expertise allowing bio-based innovations pipelines by enabling combinations of genetic payloads introductions for economical biomanufacturing research expanding possibilities for data-driven decisions maximizing likelihoods of viable products developments success.

Q10: How does Cabio ensure the safety and quality of its innovative nutrition supplements offerings?

A10: Via stringent control over end-to-end supply chain spanning raw materials sourcing, processing, packaging and logistics besides independent certifications, Cabio guarantees innovative nutrition supplements safety fulfilling highest standards through world-class facilities, in-house testing and experienced talent ensuring regulatory compliance and purity.

Q11: What market trends is Cabio responding to through its focused personal care innovations?

A11: Increasing chemicals avoidance preference coupled with acting against unethical animal testing is driving clean, organic and cruelty-free cosmetics demand which Cabio strategically targets through biotech techniques based ethical ingredients and total skin solutions centering customer needs.

Q12: How does technology innovation constitute as a core value and priority for Cabio?

A12: Through extensive R&D budgets funding internal efforts and external partnerships unsparingly, Cabio upholds persistent technology innovation as central towards purpose-built biotech solutions allowing differentiated value delivery via enabling capabilities investing continually seeking next breakthroughs sustaining leadership.

Q13: What role does intellectual property acquisition play in Cabio's innovative products strategy?

A13: Coupled with continual R&D spends funding incubating innovative products, concurrent IP registrations across potential inventions geos allows Cabio strategic freedom-to-operate besides deterring imitations ensuring deserved value capture from market exclusivities that pioneering innovations deserves, incentivizing further pipelines.

Q14: Why does Cabio encourage embracing talented individuals without bias expanding innovation reach?

A14: Imposing no nationality, gender or ethnic constraints over employment and partnerships allows Cabio access widest skill sets diversity fueling collaborative innovation success over competitive benchmarks constraints through fresh perspectives fusion seeking unconventional solutions gaining market capitalization advantages.

Q15: How do custom-built automation solutions aid Cabio’s biomanufacturing pursuits?

A15: Configurable automated bioreactors with adaptable parameters assist high-yield microbial strain cultivation allowing optimizing operating set points through data-informed modalities improving innovative portfolios quality, economies at scales and times-to-production simultaneously aiding new products introduction.

Q16: What offerings constitute Cabio’s infant nutritional products innovation suite today?

A16: Cabio’s trailblazing infant formulas portfolio comprises organic, supplements-fortified, hypoallergenic and digestive varieties catering wide ranging pediatric needs offering unmatched nutrition and tastes enhancing feeding experience through gentle processing and natural ingredients committing to utmost quality.

Q17: Why is pursuing open talent strategies vital for Cabio’s innovation sustainability today?

A17: Seeking best-in-class cross-functional expertise beyond geographical boundaries allows Cabio teams synergies blending varied specializations needed pursuing multi-domain innovation tackling complex biotech challenges seamlessly gaining leading-edge solutions speedily benefiting overall research productivity.

Q18: How are synthetic biology platforms set to transform next-generation biomaterials production for Cabio?

A18: By genetically engineering strains properties using high-throughput DNA editing, screening and AI-guided iterations closing fittest selections, synthetic biology promises superior yield, purity and costs breakthroughs across future biomaterials benefiting Cabio’s personal care and nutrition portfolios competitiveness through continued production advantage.

Q19: What value does Cabio’s Sci-Tech board listing contribute towards its innovations quests?

A19: The recent public listing provides crucial capital fueling costly R&D investments in proprietary biotech assets apart from certifying pioneering credentials vital attracting top talent aiming cementing global innovations leadership through persistent efforts seeking fulfilling unmet market needs via cutting-edge solutions.

Q20: Why is Cabio well-poised to keep leading biotech innovation domains across China?

A20: With trailblazing IP-protected technologies portfolio across genetic engineering, fermentation and analytics coupled with matching production and testing infrastructure, Cabio aims persistent innovations driving global nutrition and wellness leadership leveraging strengths and opportunities in world’s largest market benefiting overall ecosystem.