• Sustainability
    Low-carbon, Green and Environmental Manufacturing
    In active response to the government’s strategic goal of peak carbon emissions and carbon neutrality, we include green development as a component of our corporate development strategy. To do so we choose such solutions as low carbon, environmental protection, and clean, green manufacturing in strict compliance with environmental laws and regulations and materialize the consciousness of green production and environmental protection
    Energy Conservation, Emissions Reduction and Sustainable
    We manufacture products using the biofermentation technology which is in itself an environment-friendly and resource-saving technology designed to reduce environmental pollution and protect the environment by maximizing the utility rate of resources and reducing production & operating cost.
    Public Benefit for the Society
    The pioneer in the domestic microbial oils industry, we never wavered in pursuing industry leadership and exploration by providing safe, healthy, quality nutrition products and valuable solutions and contributing to the public health cause via nutritional conditioning. We devote efforts also to talent development programs for the society while updating the public’s awareness of nutrition and health consistently