• Company Profile
    Company Profile

    CABIO Biotech (Wuhan) Co., Ltd. ("CABIO" for short), established in September 2004, is a high-tech enterprise underpinned by biotechnology and the first company listed on the Science and Technology Innovation Board (stock code: 688089) in Hubei Province. 

    Become a world-leading biotech company that empowers life nutrition and health.
    Business Integrity is the cornerstone of continuous operation.

    Putting integrity management first, every employee adheres to the principles of "fair competition and integrity operation". We are dedicated to the balanced development of social responsibility, environment protection and business activities.

    Cooperation is the best channel to create win-win ecology
    We sincerely cooperate with all stakeholders, achieve resource sharing, capability exchange and common development, and build benign and healthy industry ecology, thereby creating values for customers around the world, partners, shareholders, employees and the society.
    Openness is the operation philosophy of our constant growth.

    We always act from the perspective of globalization by learning from different countries and regions, various sectors, enterprises and talents in various professional background, integrating excellent resources globally, gathering outstanding talents around the world, and creating an open-minded business & talent development platform.

    Innovation is the lifeblood of our development.

    Having placed science and technology as core driving forces, we will inevitably aim at frontier biotechnology, insist on fundamental research, continue exploring the infinite possibilities in the field of biotechnology, and provide a flow of momentum for the company through scientific and technological innovation.

    More than 20 years
    CABIO is committed to becoming a trustworthy partner and an excellent enterprise for customers.
    Realized ARA industrialization
    Our predecessor Alking Bioengineering was founded. We collaborated with the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) on first commercializing a fermentation-based UFA production process. We were the first microbial oil refiner of China to launch arachidonic acid (ARA) products. We moved ahead with ARA application in baby & infant formulas, significantly contributing to compliance with international standards. We were the first in China to realize ARA industrialization.     
    Jiangxia Factory

    We started a joint venture, Cargill Alking, with American company Cargill, introducing the then most advanced quality, food safety and production safety management systems. We built a factory at Jiangxia and embarked on entry into the international market.

    Gedian Factory

    We completed and put into production a factory in Gedian, an event that added greatly to our supply capacity and market status.

    CABIO Biotech (Wuhan) Co., Ltd.

    We were renamed CABIO Biotech (Wuhan) Co., Ltd. and began to diversify. We mass-produced algal oil-derived docosahexaenoic acids (DHAs) successfully.

    Natural β-carotene
    We mass-produced natural β-carotene successfully.
    Chinese Agricultural Technology First Prize

    We entered into a collaboration agreement with DSM and won the "Chinese Agricultural Technology First Prize" of MOA.

    CABIO won the Second Prize of the State Science and Technology Advancement Award
    Sialic Acids

    We continued to diversify the product range by mass-producing sialic acids successfully.

    CABIO Went Public

    We went public as the first Hubei company to be traded on the STAR Market. We were also the first bionutrient company to be traded on the STAR Market.


    We majority-owned CALID to form an animal nutrition platform. We wholly owned CASOV to form a personal care platform.

    Code of conducts
    Safety and Quality First

    Consistent maintenance and improvement of the food safety and quality management system guarantees food safety. In 2021, ISO 9001, FSSC 22000 and the Business Integrity Management Systems continued to work effectively at our base. Our ARA and DHA products were recognized as FDA GRAS, with the former certified as EU novel foods and the latter as USDA organic foods in November 2021. As an international supplier we had our products pass the numerous rounds of stringent examination of many multinational corporations.

    Stress on Health and Quality

    Our tenet is to address personalized baby needs. It’s also the original mission we’ve pursued in the last 20 years as a devoted nutrition and health product provider. We’ve never wavered in performing our principle of social responsibility: providing safe, healthy, quality nutrition products and valuable solutions and contributing to the public health cause via nutritional conditioning. We adhere to a development strategy that prioritizes quality, bases our market status on food safety and draws momentum from quality management. We implement and improve a food safety & quality management system against international standards while cooperating with upstream/downstream to supply to consumers safe, healthy and quality products as well as valuable nutrition solutions.