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  • Talent Recruitment

    Talent Recruitment

    New Positions

    Safety Engineer (EHS)

  • Education level: Undergraduate
    Number of recruits: 1
  • Work experience: 2 Years Experience
    Salary: 6500-8000 13 Salary
  • Professional requirements: Safety Engineering, Environmental Engineering ect.
    Work location: Wuhan-Jiangxia District
  • Job Responsibilities:

    1. Identify environmental, health and safety risks in the production process of the factory and provide solutions;
    2. Educate and continuously improve the safety behavior of employees and contractors, effectively implement and timely revise the environmental, health and safety regulations of the factory, Summarize and report environmental, health and safety achievements and challenges;
    3. Establish a good corporate safety culture to achieve the goal of zero harm.


    1. Bachelor degree or above in safety engineering, environmental engineering, chemical engineering and other engineering majors, more than 2 years of experience in foreign and state-owned enterprises in safety, health and environmental management, good English reading and writing skills, and outstanding oral skills are preferred;
    2. Familiar with ISO14001 and ISO45001 systems, proficient in national safety production law and related laws and regulations, safety production management knowledge, safety production technology and accident analysis and investigation process; strong execution and communication skills, integrity and dare to manage, with a good sense of teamwork . place of residence, and the company generally does not approve the transfer of work places for non-public reasons.

    Head of Investment Analysis

  • Education level: Undergraduate
    Number of recruits: 1
  • Work experience: 2 Years Experience
    Salary: 8000-10000
  • Work location: Wuhan-Donghu New Technology Industrial Development
  • Job Responsibilities:

    1. According to the company's strategic development needs, assist the investment director to expand investment business;
    2. Develop project sources, initially screen potential investment projects and track the development of project companies, seek and collect project investment and financing information; screen, analyze and evaluate the proposed investment projects;
    3. Assist the investment director to work closely with team members Conduct preliminary due diligence on the proposed investment project, design investment plans, prepare investment proposals and documents related to project investment;
    4. Participate in the negotiation and implementation of investment projects, and complete due diligence reports through interviews, data collection, on-site investigations, etc. , Participate in the drafting of agreements, plan formulation, business negotiation, internal and external communication and coordination, feasibility assessment and related work in the later project implementation process in the process of project investment;
    5. Assist the investment director in post-investment management to track and manage the invested projects;
    6. Expand and maintain good relations with partners, government departments and potential target companies.


    1. Bachelor degree or above, education background in finance, finance, law, science and engineering, etc.;
    2. More than 2 years of practical work experience in investment and financing projects and risk control;
    3. Full of passion for investment work, good communication skills and independent thinking skills;
    4. Strong learning ability and self-motivation;
    5. Strong research ability and report writing ability, independent opinions and value judgments
    6. Recognition of the pursuit of excellence and teamwork values. 

    Senior Scientific Affairs Engineer

  • Education level: Master
    Number of recruits: 1
  • Work experience: 2 Years Experience
    Salary: 100K-150K/Year
  • Work location: Wuhan
  • Job Responsibilities:

    1. Assist in the preparation of the company's technology plan;
    2. Responsible for collecting domestic and foreign technology development information of the industry, and conducting analysis and research;
    3. Responsible for consulting, writing and sorting out the company's science and technology related documents including molecular biology;
    4. Responsible for the company's technology project management.


    1. Master's degree or above in chemical engineering, biology, etc.;
    2. Those who have technical work or project application experience in enterprise product research and development, process development, etc. are preferred;
    3. Strong logical analysis ability, careful thinking, strong communication and coordination ability and copywriting ability;
    4. CET-6 or above, with the ability to quickly read and understand foreign scientific and technological literature;
    5. Have a sense of responsibility, work conscientiously and pragmatically, and have a team spirit.

    Synthetic Biology R&D Engineer

  • Education level: PHD
    Number of recruits: 1
  • Work experience: 1 Year Experience
    Salary: 100K-150K/Year
  • Work location: Wuhan-Jiangxia District
  • Job Responsibilities:

    1. Responsible for vector construction and identification;
    2. Responsible for protein expression and identification;
    3. Responsible for information retrieval and transformation of chassis microorganisms;
    4. Responsible for genetic information identification and transformation of existing strains in the laboratory.


    1. Master degree or above in synthetic biology, molecular biology, microbiology (molecular or genetic direction), botany (molecular or genetic direction), etc
    2. Relevant experience is preferred;
    3. A bachelor's degree requires more than 5 years of relevant experience in the development of genetically engineered bacteria;
    4. A strong sense of responsibility and pressure-bearing ability, willing to actively communicate and collaborate, and proficient in reading and writing in English.