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I. Introduction to CABIO Biotech (Wuhan) Co., Ltd

A. Company Background and History

CABIO Biotech (Wuhan) Co., Ltd, referred to as CABIO, is a biotechnology company located in Wuhan, China. Founded in 2005, the company has been committed to promoting innovation in the field of biotechnology since its establishment, continuously exploring and applying cutting-edge technologies to provide excellent solutions and research results for global customers.

In its early days, CABIO set the ambitious goal of becoming an industry-leading enterprise. The company has brought together an outstanding team of biologists, chemists, engineers and experts with extensive experience and strong academic backgrounds, enabling it to quickly rise to prominence in the biotechnology field.

B. Mission and Vision: Facilitating Biotechnology Innovation and Development

CABIO Biotech's mission is to utilize advanced biotechnology to provide high-quality products and services to global customers, promote innovation in biotechnology, and improve people's quality of life. We firmly believe that biotechnology has tremendous potential in addressing human health, environmental protection, agricultural development and more. We are committed to transforming this potential into innovative products and solutions.

To realize this mission, we continuously strengthen cooperation with stakeholders from all walks of life, establishing close partnership relationships with numerous research institutions and companies both domestically and abroad. At the same time, we also actively participate in international academic exchanges and collaborations to absorb the latest scientific research results and technological developments globally, continuously optimizing and improving our products and services.

C. Partnership with Wuhan Biotechnology Co. Ltd

CABIO Biotech (Wuhan) Co., Ltd and Wuhan Biotechnology Co. Ltd are close collaborative partners. We work hand in hand in biotechnology research and product development, jointly committed to advancing biotechnology innovation and progress.

As partners, we share technological resources and information, learning from each other and solving problems together in the biotech field. We uphold the spirit of openness, cooperation, and win-win, firmly believing that through the unremitting efforts of both sides, we will surely be able to provide customers with more high-quality products and technical support.

At the same time, we also believe firmly that cooperation is the key to advancing biotechnology development. By collaborating with excellent companies like Wuhan Biotechnology Co. Ltd, we jointly explore the path of innovation and make our contribution to industry advancement.

II. CABIO Biotech's Professional Team and Technical Advantages

A. Composition and Strengths of Our Professional Team

CABIO Biotech boasts a vibrant, passionate, professional team of experts from various fields including biology, chemistry, engineering and more. The team members are top talents in their respective areas. Not only do they possess extensive academic backgrounds, but they also have accumulated rich hands-on experience, contributing tremendous value to the company's growth and innovation.

Our team has formed a seamless collaboration mechanism. Through efficient communication and cooperation, they can swiftly respond to market demands, promptly adjust research directions, and deliver the utmost quality products and services to customers. Team members learn from each other, continuously innovating and maintaining our leading edge in biotechnology.

B. Cutting-Edge Technological Equipment and Laboratory Resources

We fully understand that advanced technological equipment and laboratory resources are crucial for driving biotechnology progress. Therefore, we devote substantial funding and effort towards equipping state-of-the-art technologies and lab facilities.

Our laboratories boast all kinds of advanced biotech equipment including high-throughput sequencers, mass spectrometers, cell culture systems, etc. The application of these tools allows us to efficiently conduct gene sequencing, protein analysis, cell culture experiments, and more, providing customers with accurate and reliable research data.

C. Continuous Innovation and Technical Accumulation

At CABIO Biotech, innovation is our core value. We have always regarded innovation as the key driving force for enterprise growth. We encourage team members to continually explore new research directions, take on technical challenges, and propel the advancement of biotechnology.

We place importance on technical accumulation and academic research. We maintain close cooperation with universities and research institutions, participating in international academic exchanges to absorb the latest scientific findings and technological developments worldwide. This enables us to promptly assimilate and apply cutting-edge scientific and technological achievements, delivering state-of-the-art biotechnology solutions to our customers.

III. CABIO Biotech's Cutting-Edge Products and Innovative Technologies

A. R&D and Application of Biotechnology Solutions

With biotechnology as its core competency, CABIO Biotech is committed to providing efficient, innovative solutions for global customers. Our R&D team comprises a group of passionate, experienced scientists and experts covering areas like biopharmaceuticals, gene editing, protein expression and more.

In biopharmaceuticals, we focus on developing therapeutic proteins and antibody drugs. Through advanced genetic engineering techniques, we can efficiently express and purify proteins to provide reliable biologics for clinical treatment. Meanwhile, our gene editing technologies hold important application prospects in disease gene research and therapy. We continuously explore new gene editing techniques to deliver precise, efficient gene editing solutions to our customers.

B. Development and Advantages of Innovative Products

CABIO Biotech always puts innovation first. We continually launch innovative biotechnology products to meet varying customer needs, gaining wide recognition and acclaim. Our products cover biologics, medical devices, and more.

Our biologics encompass therapeutic proteins and antibody drugs that have attracted considerable medical attention for their high efficacy and low toxicity. We have also rolled out a series of innovative medical devices like gene delivery vectors, cell culture products, etc., furnishing reliable tools and support for customer research.

C. Realization of Breakthrough Research Results

CABIO Biotech's team has been dedicated to groundbreaking scientific research, and we have achieved important results across multiple areas. For instance, in gene editing, we have successfully developed an efficient, precise gene editing technique, offering new possibilities for disease gene therapy.

Additionally, we have made significant breakthroughs in protein expression and purification, enabling efficient expression and purification of diverse proteins to powerfully support the development and production of biologics. These research outcomes have opened up new possibilities in biotechnology, and we will continue striving to drive biotech innovation and advancement.

IV. CABIO Biotech's Social Responsibility and Corporate Culture

A. Social Responsibility in Scientific Research and Development

As a professional biotechnology company, CABIO Biotech has always regarded social responsibility as an important mission. While advancing biotechnology, we also actively participate in charity work to give back to society. We fully understand biotechnology's importance to human society, hence we strive to integrate scientific research with societal needs, dedicated to providing innovative solutions for global customers and improving people's quality of life.

As a member of CABIO Biotech, every team member is imbued with a sense of social responsibility. We eagerly participate in various community service activities, supporting educational initiatives and environmental protection efforts. We recognize that technological advancement relies on societal support, so we give back through concrete actions, allowing more people to benefit from biotechnology progress.

B. Health and Environmental Protection

CABIO Biotech pays close attention to health and environmental protection. Our products and research take protecting human health and improving the environment as starting points. Our R&D outcomes are mainly applied in biopharmaceuticals. Our biologics and medical devices undergo rigorous testing and verification to ensure safety and efficacy.

Apart from human health, we also greatly emphasize environmental protection. In production, we adopt various measures to reduce environmental impact and ensure our research and products meet sustainability requirements. We firmly believe that protecting our environment is essential for a better human future.

C. Corporate Culture and Values

CABIO Biotech upholds the core values of "Innovation, Quality, Responsibility, and Win-win" with customer satisfaction as the goal and continuous excellence as the pursuit. We deeply understand that innovation is the wellspring of enterprise growth, hence we continually invest in R&D and innovation to advance biotechnology.

In product R&D and manufacturing, quality is always our foremost concern. We meticulously control every production step to guarantee every product meets rigorous quality standards. We adhere to accountability, integrity, and win-win cooperation. We believe that only through collective effort and collaboration can shared success be realized.

V. CABIO Biotech's Future Outlook and Development Strategies

A. Technological Innovation and International Market Expansion

Moving forward, we will continue driving technological innovation and strengthening international market expansion to provide more customers with premium quality biotechnology products and services.

B. Global Partnership Network

CABIO Biotech is committed to establishing extensive partnership networks, exploring innovation together with biotechnology partners worldwide.

C. Co-creating a Brighter Future

We will co-create a brighter future with customers and partners through tireless effort and progress in advancing biotechnology.

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    Public Benefits

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    How does Wuhan Biotechnology Co. Ltd collaborate with partners?

    Wuhan Biotechnology Co. Ltd is committed to building robust collaborative partnerships, jointly carrying out cooperative projects with domestic and foreign biotech companies.

    What influence does Wuhan Biotechnology Co. Ltd have in international markets?

    Wuhan Biotechnology Co. Ltd has a certain degree of influence in international markets. Its biotechnology products and solutions have gained recognition and trust from many customers.

    A Devoted Nutrition and Health Product Provider in the Last 20 Years.

    With technical innovation as the core driving force, CABIO provides quality products and innovative solutions to customers, in order to achieve high-quality growth and sustainable development, and create long-term values for customers, employees, shareholders and other stakeholders.

  • Established in2004
  • Authorized Patents83
  • Global Partners300 +
  • A Devoted Nutrition and Health Product Provider in the Last 20 Years.
    Providing Customers from Nutrition and Health Industry Worldwide with Quality Nutrient Products and Innovative Solutions.
    Providing Customers from Nutrition and Health Industry Worldwide with Quality Nutrient Products and Innovative Solutions.

    CABIO has built a complete technology transfer platform of industry chain, incorporating directive breeding of microbial strain, fine regulation of cell, high-efficient separation & purification, preparation, directional transmission, high-throughput detection & analysis, among other technology modules. We provide quality functional ingredients and creative solutions to developers of nutrition and health foods worldwide. We have achieved the industrialization of arachidonic acid (ARA), docosahexaenoic acid (DHA), β-carotene (BC), N-acetylneuraminic acid and other products. Our products are widely applied in human nutrition, animal nutrition, personal care and other fields.

    Biotechnology as our Driving Force

    Focusing on synthetic biology, CABIO has established synthetic biology laboratories and launched a litany of research projects that are provided with forward-looking technology and market potential. Having combined technology, industry and capital, connected upstream and downstream industries as well as domestic and overseas exchanges, we will build into a mecca for synthetic biology industry worldwide in Wuhan.

    Biotechnology as our Driving Force
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