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  • Business Area

    Business Area

    Become a world-leading biotech company that empowers life nutrition and health.

    With technical innovation as the core driving force, we provide quality products and innovative solutions to customers, in order to achieve high-quality growth and sustainable development, and create long-term values for customers, employees, shareholders and other interested parties. 

    Best-in-class food safety

    Human  Nutrition

    Human Nutrition

    We aim to become a core global supplier in the supply chain of baby & infant formulas. We have world-class food safety and supply chain management which extends to functional food and FSMP (food for special medical purpose). We provide more functional nutrient products and solutions.

  • FSMP


  • Functional food

    Functional food

  • Feed grade fatty acid solution

    Animal Nutrition

    Animal Nutrition

    Our animal nutrition enterprise, inspired by our human nutrition enterprise, focuses on altering, generating and structurally balancing fatty acids in order to provide the customers from the pet and animal husbandry industries with precisely-balanced feed-grade fatty acid solutions.

  • Fatty acid

    Fatty acid

  • Development and innovation

    Personal Care

    Personal Care

    In the future, we will continuously focus on state-of-the-art biotechnology, such as ion beams, microbial breeding and fermentation engineering, for the use of the beauty and health industries. We will develop innovative cosmetic functional materials and integral applied solutions for our personal care customers.

  • Ion beam

    Ion beam

  • Microbial breeding

    Microbial breeding