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  • Public Benefit for the Society
    Public Benefit for the Society
    The pioneer in the domestic microbial oils industry, we never wavered in pursuing industry leadership and exploration by providing safe, healthy, quality nutrition products and valuable solutions and contributing to the public health cause via nutritional conditioning. We devote efforts also to talent development programs for the society while updating the public’s awareness of nutrition and health consistently.
    Support for Social Education
    Cabio Scholarship
    In order to support the education cause and train topnotch talent, we pay out to the Cabio Scholarship at CAS Hefei Institute of Physical Science (HIPS). In 2021, we paid out ¥300,000 as awards to applied research-involved graduates known for diligence, aspiration, creativity and academical excellence.
    The Collaboration Labs: Commercialization of Academic Findings and School-Business Collaboration
    • Together with Wuhan Institute of Technology (WIT), we established and run the Hubei Functional Oils School-Business Collaboration & Innovation Center specializing in improving the self-innovation capability for the biofunctional oils industry.

    • Together with HIPS, Cabio established and run the Cabio-HIPS Collaboration Lab which, by carrying out studies and graduate programs in such fields as strain selective breeding and product development, expedites commercialization of new research findings while providing innovative talent for the industry.

    • Cabio has signed with South-Central Minzu University (SCMU) a contract on creating the School-Business Collaborative Bioengineering Innovation Center, which also functions as a practical training platform for science majors. It’s a manner of commercialization of academic findings and benefits both the school and the business. It serves for both scientific research and hands-on training for the students.

    • The collaboration labs combine the quality special resources of the strategic partners in order to train innovative professionals as always. Every year these labs are responsible for 30-50 innovative experts in diverse fields, e.g. synthetic biology, microbiology, fermentation engineering, chemical engineering, chemical process technology, analytical chemistry and engineering design. The labs keeps creating top talent and high-value products for the society.
    Public Benefit Activities
    Alxa Society of Entrepreneurs and Ecology

    We’re a member of the Alxa Society of Entrepreneurs and Ecology (SEE) and donate to SEE environmental protection programs. It’s so far one of the most influential Chinese entrepreneur-sponsored environmental organizations. Via SEE we take part in environmental protection activities and public benefit activities, assuming our share of the responsibility to protect the environment and realize sustainable development.

    Popular Science for the Public to Upgrade Knowledge
    We’re a very active participant in organizing community nutrition & health knowledge popularization activities. We have many apps such as WeChat and live courseware designed to popularize nutrition & health knowledge among the public and improve their nutriment knowledge. We have won many honors and prizes, such as the Center for Food & Drug Public Education. As an enterprise persisting in its responsibility, we implement our social responsibilities as a responsible company does to enhance its social image.