• Technology and Innovation
    Advanced Manufacturing
    Four-stage fermentation equipment

    Independent innovation

    Compliance with international standards

    Highest-production microbial oil equipment in Asia Pacific

    Automatic extraction equipment
    Independent innovation

    Subcritical fluid extraction (SFE)

    Micro-encapsulation embedding equipment
    Independent innovation
    Online emulsification & Double embedding technique
    Technology platform
    Our new R&D facilities include an 18,000 m2 pilot test facility and a nearly 2,000 m2 lab complex. The former encompasses such processes as fermentation, post-treatment and micro-encapsulation. The platforms own an over ¥85M worth of advanced R&D equipment and instrumentation. After two decades of dedicated exploration, we have built a systematic technological platform, and have obtained qualifications of Nutrient Chemicals Biosynthesis Engineering Technology Research Center of Hubei Province, Hubei Provincial Corporate Technology Center, and Biotechnology Transformation Pilot Test Base.
    Bacteria Breeding Technology
    Cell factory Control Technology
    Efficient Separation Purification Technology
    Microcapsules Embedding Technology
    Application Solution Technology
    Risk Control Detection Technology
    R&D Team
    We have established an integral R&D team that is cohesive, learning-proactive, innovation-thirsty, lean and high-efficient. We set down innovation motivation system coupled with positive inter-departmental collaboration, which enables the R&D team to work efficiently and underpins biomanufacturing with strong technological support. Currently, the talent team diversifies into interdisciplinary knowledge fields, e.g. biotechnology, biochemical engineering, applied chemical engineering, microbiology, molecular biology and detection analytics, in order to bolster technology development and product innovation of CABIO.
    Our Achievements
    Winner of Multiple Scientific Innovation Prizes
    Constitutor of Multiple National Microbial Oil Standards
    Undertaker of Multiple National, Provincial and Municipal Key Scientific and Technological Projects, and Promoter of the Industry Growth
    Owner of Multiple Patents, and Builder of Core Technology System
    Constant Product Innovation to Breakup International Monopoly and Fill Technology Gap Domestically
    Fields of Application Expansion and Product Solution Diversification
    R&D Ecosystem
    To this date an aggregate over RMB100 million has been invested into a biotechnology-based R&D ecosphere with Chinese and international research institutes and partners, including the CAS, the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences (CAAS), Zhejiang University, Tianjin University, Shenzhen University and Wuhan University. By integrating internal with external resources, we carry out profound theoretical and applied studies on basic theories, new product development, product functionality and other applied research activities, thereby making us a competitive rival in the industry.
    In 2016, the State Council honored us a Second Prize of the State Science and Technology Advancement Award because of our contribution to ARA and DHA research, making us one of the few prizewinning home leaders in the sector. For our technology, the CAS honored us a State Science and Technology Advancement Award. The MOA Shennong Agricultural Technology Award Commission honored us as a Chinese Agricultural Technology First Prize Winner. The Hubei Provincial People's Government honored us as an S&T Progress First Prize Winner. The Chinese Dairy Industry Association honored us as a Technological Progress First Prize Winner. And there are many more distinctions.
    National Science and Technology Progress Award
    Technology Progress Award
    Science and Technology Achievement Award