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  • Pet Nutrition

    Business Profile

    CABIMAL is the pet nutrition and health arm of CABIO Biotech (Wuhan) Co., Ltd. (“CABIO”).

    We are carrying on CABIO’s studies on lipid nutrition and health while applying our rich experience in food safety management and international supply chain management built up in the past over two decades. Devoted to research, development and application of lipid nutrition balance-centered pet health & nutrition modules, we offer professional technological solutions to pet nutrition partners.

    Corporate Value
    Persisting in pursuing our goal by employing technology.
    Providing scientific nutrition solutions to pets and safeguarding their health with safe products.
    Pet Nutrition
    Docosahexaenoic acid
    • Schizochytrium powder
    • Algal oil
    • Microencapsulated powder of algal oil
    • Microencapsulated powder of fish oil
    Arachidonic acid
    • Oil
    • Microencapsulated powder
    Natural β-Carotene
    • β-Car bacterium powder
    • β-Car crystal
    • Suspension fluid
    • DAG oil
    • Monobutyrin
    • Tributyrin
    Lauric acid
    • Lauric acid monoglyceride
    Sialic acid
    • Crystal
    • Powder
    Main Product Line


    We make every endeavor to offer scientifically and precisely formulated nutritious food to your lovely pet. We fit pragmatic nutrition solutions into different stages of its life that is prepared based on considerations for growth, immunoregulation, intestinal health, coat health, lacrimal duct & respiratory tract health, and urinary & reproductive health. We are continually caring about what your pet needs as nutrition at different stages of life and lipid nutrition-based food system.

    CABIO Fat Balance Package

    For dogs and cats, fat is more than a key source of energy. It provides essential fatty acids (EFAs) needed for the growth and development of the brain, optic nerve, coat and muscles. Besides, it provides EFAs needed for physiological activities, e.g. lipid metabolism, cardiovascular health, immunoregulation, reproduction and pregnancy. Such EFAs include linoleic acid (LA, C18:2, ω-6), arachidonic acid (ARA, C20:4, ω-6), α-linolenic acid (ALA, C18:3, ω-3), eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA, C20:5, ω-6), docosahexenoic acid (DHA, C22:6, ω-6), and various short/medium-chain fatty acids.

    Though everyday pet rations can provide enough energy in the form of fat, multiple factors, e.g. material selection and processing technique, may incline to cause deficiency in functional fats (namely, long-chain fatty acids (ARA/EPA/DHA)) or ω-6/ω-3 unbalance.

    CABIMA, with ω-3, ω-6 and medium/short-chain fatty acids as core function nutrition, is scientifically formulated to address different pet needs. Preparation is also optimized in consideration of shelf life, palatability and bioavailability.

    CABIO Fat Balance Package
  • CABIMA® 001
  • CABIMA® 002
  • Lactose-free Pet Milk Powder

    Dairy products, like milk powder, fermented milk and fresh milk, can provide cats and dogs with quality protein and address daily essential nutrients. However, as lactase in their bodies dwindles from the age of weaning, they’ll fail to well digest lactose in the dairy product, and, to make matters worse, there’ll be digestive tract problems, for example anorexia, diarrhea and vomiting.

    Making lactose-free pet milk powder is manufactured with a unique process to remove lactose from cow’s or ewe’s milk. At the same time, it replenishes special functional ingredients and essential nutrients in a one-stop shop way while catering to a diversity of customer needs.

    Lactose-free Pet Milk Powder
  • CABIMA® 003
  • CABIMA® 004
  • ODM

    As for the pet nutrition market, we are in the vanguard of R&D with the exclusive CABIO® Animal Nutrition Technology Platform and CABIMAL® ingredient brand ready to set a higher barrier for competitors and in the interests of higher brand value for partners. We provide pet nutrition partners with professional R&D activities, formulation design, functional verification and ODM/OEM service.

    Food Quality and Safety Management

    Food Quality and Safety Management

    Pets are enjoying higher social status with shifts in keepers’ ideas. Cats and dogs used to be utilitarian animals, but now they’re our intimate friends and even important family members. More and more keepers, therefore, are considering taking care of their pets in a more scientific, healthier and more appropriate way so that they are better fed and humanely attended.

    We believe firmly in equal treatment for all living beings. We treat pets equally as we create wholesome nutrition, food safety and high-quality life for mankind.

    We persist in developing equal-quality products for man and pets. The conviction is built on the cornerstone of the infant formula safety and quality management standards intended to provide safer, healthier and higher-quality pet food and ingredients.

    Supply Chain Management

    Supply Chain Management

    As the pet food market proliferates, pet food brands scramble more fiercely to grab more market shares. They concentrate efforts on accessing complementary resources, developing strong partnerships and introducing collaborative innovation. A major challenge to the C2M model is how to achieve synergies through high-efficiency customization and mass production.

    We have three advantages, resource, technology and management, which enable us to coordinate with partners to achieve high-quality, low-cost modularization across multiple stages of supply chain from the supplier, material and formulation design to product realization, product delivery and payment. Channel brand owners can concentrate really single-mindedly on consumer service.

    Brand Franchising

    Brand Franchising

    We have our own brand influence and media matrix, which we take advantage of to grant franchises for our ingredient brand (CABIMAL®) and run co-branding with Tender Moments® for the purpose of consumer market promotion.

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