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  • Official Ground-breaking Ceremony of Wuhan Synthetic Biology Innovation Center

    WUHAN, China, Oct. 20, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- On October 19th, 2022, the investment project of the CABIO R&D Center officially commenced in Wuhan Optical Valley. Upon the basis of the said investment project, the ground-breaking ceremony of the "Wuhan Synthetic Biology Innovation Center" project, a joint endeavor between CABIO Biotech (Wuhan) Co., Ltd, the Wuhan Institute of Industrial Innovation and Development and Hubei Yangtze Science Innovation Service Co. Ltd., was also held on the same day.

    The Wuhan Synthetic Biology Innovation Center has been envisioned as the spearhead of the synthetic biology industry of the entire Central China region. It aims to expand the application scope of synthetic biology technologies effectively, promote the standardization of the industry, raise research achievement transformation efficiency, build complete synthetic biology scientific and technological innovation and industry transformation systems, and establish itself as an internationally top-notch and domestically leading innovation center dedicated to the advancement of the synthetic biology industry. The center will further propel Wuhan toward its goal of developing its world-class, trillion-yuan-scale greater health industry cluster, bolster the high-quality development of Hubei Province's biology industry, and advance the internationalization effort and progress of Chinese synthetic biology technologies.


    CABIO is a high and new technology enterprise primarily driven by biotechnology as its core competency. After two decades of accumulation, CABIO has developed a leading industry platform technology system founded upon synthetic biology, directional selection and breeding of industrial strains, fine regulation of fermentation, and other biotechnologies. In light of advancements in synthetic biology, CABIO has increased investment in said field, constructed a synthetic biology lab, and initiated a series of technologically far-sighted research projects teeming with market potential.


    After years of accumulation, CABIO has grown from a start-up into a star in the scientific and technological innovation capital market, and since then, it has ascended as one of the most renowned research-oriented public synthetic biology companies.


    During the ground-breaking ceremony of the innovation center, CABIO also officially unveiled its brand new synthetic biology-based product line: HMOs series, lipid nutrient series, high value-added personal care ingredients, and so forth. In the future, CABIO will continue to roll out brand new products armed with synthetic biology-based disruptive technology, reinforce the company's development strategy centering on nutrients for humans and supplemented by nutrients for animals and functional care product raw materials, and realize high-quality growth and sustainable development.