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  • Cabio’s partnership enables consumer product innovation, diversification.

    On Apr. 26, the relevant partners saw market regulators at the Guangdong, Meizhou and Gaoxin levels sign into effect a baby liquid FSDU manufacturing license (No.: GB10770) for Jinhaikang — also the first in Guangdong — which obtained a full-preparation FSDU manufacturing license. The same day saw Cabio launch Beingmate® Hong® algal oil (DHA)-enhanced baby and child liquid FSDU.


    The launch of the DHA-enhanced liquid baby FSDU marked the advent of a milestone in diversity and specialty of baby formulas and FSDUs as a wider range of products — with diverse preparations and formulations as well as customization and personalization — are made available to the market and consumers. It’s reported that the product is available in soft bar-like aluminum-plastic packing for portability and ease of use. Besides, custom versions can easily meet 100-150 mg/d DHA requirements for babies at any time and place.[1] 

    Cabio Deputy GM Geng Anfeng (right), Jin Haikang GM (middle) and Mowan GM Zhou Honghai (left) on site

    Jinhaikang finally won recognition from the regulatory authorities and customers after five dedicated years of hard work, an event believed to be a milestone in its development. Cabio is very happy to join Jinhaikang on a trip to launching innovative products with benefits to both while tailing resources and sharing technology in an effort to drive the nutrition and health industry. The DHA part of Cabio algal oil is extracted from Schizochytrium sp.,one of the widely applied DHA-containing algae due to advantages over other algae in growth cycle, SCE, refinement efficiency and cost.[2]

    Beingmate® Hong® DHA-enhanced liquid baby FSDU product launched

    Cabio is dedicated to developing along with its partner in an effort to innovate in a diverse line of consumer products. At the R&D stage, it took the initiative in providing Jinhaikang with quality ingredients, formulations, R&D support and innovative solutions to boost ongoing breakthroughs and innovations in formulas. At the implementation and production stage, it helped Jinhaikang address manufacturing problems like quality control and safety in order to develop a regulator-compliant process that ensures high quality and safety.


    To keep up with the development of the market, Cabio has organized an inclusive health business team to escalate expansion in the health food market, especially in its main business, human nutrition. First, it attaches great importance to theoretical research as final brand enablement. Second, it attaches great important to cooperation with partners from other industries on product line diversification and application scenario widening. Cabio’s partnership with Jinhaikang covers quite a few products like algal oil-extracted DHA, ARA and sialic acid. Cabio is an ARA industry leader among the earliest developers. Its DHA products, extracted from a quality strain of Schizochytrium sp. found by CAS Hefei Institute of Material Science, has many strengths, e.g. natural nutrition and health effects. Cabio benchmarks its process against the world’s strictest standards while ensuring traceability. Norms and standardization serve to ensure low acid value, high stability and superb experience.[2] We’ll go on with our efforts and bring you more good news in the coming future.



    [1] 中国营养学会推荐,0-3 岁婴幼儿每日需摄入100mg DHA。联合国粮农组织 FAO 建议,6-24个月婴幼儿每日补充10-12mg/kg DHA。

    [1] Chinese Nutrition Society recommends 100 mg DHA per day for babies aged 0-3. FAO recommends 10-12 mg/kg DHA per day for babies aged 6-24 months.

    [2] 信息来源:《婴幼儿藻油 DHA 特膳饮产品简介》

    [2] Information Source: Algal Oil (DHA)-enhanced Baby Liquid FSDU.